A firm that works to guide clients through every step of the legislative process.

Our firm serves clients who need assistance engaging public officials at all levels and branches of State government.


With over 20 years of experience, Connecticut Group, LLC has the knowledge and power to help clients reach top State officials.

Exceptional Reputation

Connecticut Group, LLC has helped multiple clients achieve their legislative objectives by helping with every step along the way.


Connecticut Group, LLC has worked with many legislators in Hartford to ensure that every client has their needs met.

Practice Areas



Whether the goal is to pass legislation, amend a current statute or advocate against a piece of legislation, we can help accomplish these goals.



We can assist clients through administrative lobbying and work with various departments to ensure that the client’s needs are met.


Constitutional Offices

At Connecticut Group, LLC, we pride ourselves on working on high profile issues and bringing those issues to the Attorney General’s office to work with our clients to find a resolution.



We can help represent companies that work on a local level to ensure that there are no issues with real estate developers, or zoning laws and we will help you through the process.



Connecticut Group, LLC can help develop a plan to effectively accomplish legislative goals by reaching out to multiple constituents.



We can engage with different forms of media to reach legislators and back the legislation at hand.

Industries Serviced


Connecticut Group, LLC has worked on major legislations over the years in Connecticut to protect the rights of clients. The bills passed include energy independence, energy efficiency, the Department of Energy and Environmental Protection, and revisions to energy statutes.


Information Technology

We have worked on various internet issues over the years and it is a difficult area to lobby due to committees claiming jurisdiction on issues. We have successfully navigated these issues for clients and continue to work on privacy issues, e-mail registrations, and identity theft.


Whether it’s applying for tax credits or understanding existing economic development programs available to expand a client's business, we can help guide a client through the process from start to finish.


Workers Compensation

We have successfully worked with various clients on workers compensation issues at the legislative level and with the Workers Compensation Commission. There has been new activity within this issue and we have effectively worked with clients to resolve these issues.


At Connecticut Group, LLC, we have worked on multiple issues regarding reforms on licensing issues for discount health plans and new requirements in contracts in front of the Insurance Committee of Connecticut.