Focused on Creating Jobs

Your State Senator is Focused on Creating and Protecting Jobs!

Use existing assets to bring new jobs

Mike McLachlan believes cost-effective job growth starts with leveraging Connecticut assets that can attract new businesses. Mike wants state government to focus on helping existing businesses – when they thrive, new businesses are born and new jobs are created.

Eliminate the state taxes that kill jobs

Mike McLachlan is fighting to end unfair taxes that keep businesses from growing and adding new jobs. Mike is working to repeal burdensome taxes which unfairly target small businesses and self-employed. Mike opposed the two largest tax increases in state history which make Connecticut less competitive.

Give state tax incentives to create new jobs

Mike McLachlan believes Connecticut should reward companies that make investments and take risks to create jobs here. Mike supports tax incentives to retain and attract companies working in emerging technologies, pharmaceuticals, and alternative energy. Mike supported a bipartisan jobs bill that will have a positive impact on job creation and job security in our state.

Cut the government red tape that chokes job growth

Mike McLachlan is making real progress cutting the unnecessary state bureaucracy and regulations that make Connecticut less attractive to growing companies. Mike helped pass new laws that streamlined the burdensome permitting processes in several state agencies. Mike is also pushing state government to apply cost/benefit analysis to all business regulations to see if they make sense or should be eliminated.